Membership & Rates

Climbing shoes are required. You are allowed to use your own shoes. If you do not have shoes you are welcome to rent ours. For some smaller kids, some shoes will not fit. They are welcome to either climb in their socks or in their own shoes after they are cleaned.

For the Day

Day Pass w/ rental shoes — $16.00
Day Pass w/o rental shoes — $14.00

Optional Gear

Harness Rental –$2.00
Chalk Bag Rental –$1.00


Kids 12 & Under Day Pass

(Day pass price is their age)
For example:
4 yr old –$4.00
7 yr old –$7.00
Shoe Rental — $2.00

Optional Gear

Harness– $2.00  (Recommended for smaller kids)
Chalk Bag– $1.00 




Individual Memberships

1 Month Individual– $39.00
3 Month Individual –$99.00
1 Year Individual –$330.00


Individual Plus One

1 Month Individual Plus One –$45.00
3 Month Individual Plus One–$115.00

Family Memberships

(No limit but must be immediate family)

1 Month Family–$49.00
3 Month Family–$129.00
1 Year Family–$445.00

Family Plus One

1 Month Family Plus One –$55.00
3 Month Family Plus One–$145.00


Gear Memberships

1 Month Individual– $15.00
1 Month Family–$25.00
3 Month Individual –$40.00
3 Month Family–$75.00

Gear membership includes chalk, shoes, and harness rentals. These items are also available to buy.

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We are conveniently located next to Top Guns in Terre Haute, Indiana at 5070 S 7th St, Terre Haute, IN 47802  -  See the map below.

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