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  • Ensure proper gear – Climbing shoes, harness, chalk
    – The correct climbing gear keeps you safe and optimizes your skills to get up and down the walls. We have rental gear available for a few dollars, or you can purchase your own as you add climbing to your list of activities!
  • Control your chalk
    – Chalk should be on your hands only – no need to shower in the chalk or get it all over the mat.
  • Wear socks with rental shoes
    When you have your own climbing shoes, you can wear them however you’d like. Many climbers don’t use socks with their climbing shoes to enhance their grip through the shoe and to the wall. When using our rental gear, we require socks for sanitary reasons. After each use, rental shoes are sprayed with Lysol to kill all germs.
  • Remove hazardous jewelry – Rings, watches, long necklaces, etc.
    – We prefer not to see fingers ripped off or de-skinned (Please).
  • Keep your shirts (And other clothing) on
    – Especially when walking around the facility or through the café.
  • If an auto-belay is in the ‘retracted’ or ‘up’ position, do NOT climb up and retrieve the cable
    – Contact a staff member if you want the auto-belay brought down. The device is designed to lower climbers slowly, and untrained individuals can get injured.
  • All of our routes are color-coded
    We recommend that beginner climbers use any hold available for your hands and feet.
  • Don’t touch the orange bars near the ceiling above the climbing walls
    – We painted our fire suppression sprinkler system bars orange, and they’re off limits because they are not designed to bear the weight of individuals hanging from them. We suspect hundreds of gallons of icy cold water will be spilled throughout the gym before we can get to the shut-off valve.
  • Stay low to the mats until you know what you’re doing
    – Our 16-inch high-density-foam mats are designed to absorb falls and jumps, and are a little squishy and springy. To prevent ankle and wrist injuries, please practice your walking, jumping, landing, and falling from a lower height before venturing too high on the walls.
  • Practice landing and falling before climbing too high
    –  Get those feet and ankles warmed up! Also, practice landing with a modified fall/roll-out to further reduce the shock to your bones and joints! Be careful not to use your hands and arms to “catch your falls” as you might injure them. Let the mats do their job!!
  • Don’t walk or run beneath climbers
    – Climbers may jump or fall off of the walls, and we do not want them to land on anything but the mat. If you are below a climber and they land on you, both of you can be severely injured. We ask parents to please watch their children to make sure they follow this rule. If you are climbing with your friends or family, help keep others from walking into the fall/drop zone.
  • Climb down and look before jumping off the wall
    – It’s more of a workout holding onto the wall, and your skills will develop as you maneuver down to a lower height before dropping to the mat in a controlled manner. Despite our rule against walking beneath other climbers, it does happen, and we don’t want you to jump off of the wall and land on someone else.
  • Don’t wear your climbing shoes or harness to the bathroom
    – Our bathrooms are clean, but we don’t want to get germs from the bathroom onto the mats or walls. Please help remind others to follow this rule. If you forget, please report to the welcome counter to have the bottom of your shoes cleaned.
  • Even with the correct safety gear and mats, you can still get injured
    – Do not forget this! You have to learn and know your own limits – what you can do and what your body can take. Be careful so you can climb another day!
  • No running, horseplay, or roughhousing
    – This usually applies to kids having a great time running around, and we realize it’s hard-wired into their genetic make-up to want to run and jump.
  • No food or drinks on the mats
    – The mats are difficult to clean, so please help us by keeping your food and drinks on the tables or cubbies.
  • No street shoes on the mats
    Guests are welcome to walk on the mats with climbing shoes or socks (We have some socks available for sale at our welcome counter). Please ensure you have signed our waiver before getting on the mats or walls.
  • No bare feet on mats, walls, or floors – climbing shoes, socks or flip-flops please
    – Surprisingly (Especially in the cafe while eating), nobody wants to see other people’s bare feet. Please put on an appropriate foot covering before walking around the facility.
  • If you feel ill or think you might throw up, get off the mats
    – The floors are easier to clean and sanitize than the mats are, so please try to get off of the mats if you feel nauseous. If you can make it to a garbage can or restroom, even better (Just let us know so we can throw out that trash).
  • Get a bandage if bleeding
    – We have bandages available at the welcome counter. Please, no blood on the walls or mats. Let us know if an area needs to be cleaned and sanitized. No open wounds.
  • Ask staff or fellow climbers if you need or want help
  • Report loose or damaged holds
    – We will fix, remove, or replace holds that present a hazard to climbers, but need your help finding them.
  • Let a staff member know if you are injured or need help!
    – If you are screaming or unconscious, we will call 911. Otherwise, we can provide basic first aid and help you get to a vehicle for someone to drive you to urgent care, if needed.
  • When you’re finished climbing, return your gear to the side counter by the entrance
     Please don’t hand gear over the check-in or cash register area.
  • Be careful, have FUN, and help each other out!

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