About The Climbing Cafe

Your Place To Play for the whole family

Enjoy 4,000-sq ft. of professionally designed and installed indoor climbing. We have everything for the beginner climber to the advanced professional. Our walls are 3/4-inch birch plywood with a textured coating to simulate real-world rock surfaces. Our climbing holds challenge every climber with different angles, textures, surface volumes, and grips.

Route Rating System

We use the V-scale for rating, and work hard to grade each route in a way that is consistent within the climbing community and within our own gym. Beginners should start with the V-0 routes and work their way through V-1s and V-2s as they grow in strength and skill. We typically have routes up to V-6 to V-8, but the majority of our setting is for the V-0 through V-4 climbers. Our Bluetooth-enabled Moon Board displays over 50,000 different routes using LEDs programmed through the Moon Board App. This isn’t something you walk off the street and start, but our Moon board will certainly develop and advance your technical skill set as you venture deeper into the climbing world.

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Party/Meeting Room

We have a great room dedicated to small gatherings for a wide range of reasons: Clubs, birthdays, baby showers, crafting, wine tastings, dinners, meetings, formal training, and much more. There’s a large white board placed between two large-screen TVs that can repeat computer presentations or show movies. The counters are large enough for food items and drinks, plus there’s plenty of plugs throughout the room for laptops, chargers, and crockpots of your own food. We use folding tables and chairs, and the room can be configured however you want to enhance your group event. We’ve had groups of 25-35 persons fit comfortably in the available space.

Call to schedule: 812-2441776

Climbing Cafe Event Pricing

The Climbing Cafe has a multi-purpose room that seats 30 people comfortably and can be used for birthday parties, meetings, gaming, puzzles, classes, or craft areas.  There are two TVs on one wall, and a countertop/sink area.  The three entries provide easy access to the climbing walls, bathrooms, or cafe.  All doors can be closed to provide privacy if needed.

Depending on the type of event you have planned, our $150 base pricing includes: 

2-hour use of the private room, climbing + gear for up to 12 climbers, and a dedicated staff member to assist with set-up, gear, safety, and clean-up!!

The following items can be added as needed:

  • Extra climbers, plus gear – $8/climber
  • Additional hour in the private room – $25/hour
  • Sandwich platter – $60
  • Additional staff member – $15/hour
  • Fountain drinks for event guests – $30
  • Coffee + tea for events guests – *&
  • Flatware, napkins, plastic cutlery – $20

You can rent the entire facility for up to 140 people, 3 hours – $500. Includes 4 staff (2 climbing, 2 cafe) and climbing for all guests (Subject to rental gear availability – may have to share).  Additional costs as above, except $100/hour for extensions.  Typically scheduled on Sundays.

Call us at 812-244-1776 or stop by to reserve your event time slot!!