Climbing Café has a multi-purpose room that seats 30 people comfortably and can be used for birthday parties, meetings, gaming, puzzles, classes, or crafting.  There are two TVs on one wall, and a countertop/sink area.  The three entries provide easy access to the climbing walls, bathrooms, or café.  All doors can be closed for privacy if needed.


Our $150 event pricing includes:  2-hour use of the private room for approximately 30 guests, climbing + gear for up to 12 climbers, and a dedicated staff member to assist with set-up, gear issue and fitting, climbing safety, and clean-up!!

The following items can be added as needed:

  • Extra climbers, plus gear $8/climber
  • Additional hour in the private room $25/hour
  • Sandwich platter $60
  • Additional staff member $15/hour
  • Fountain drinks for event guests $30, or + $15
  • Coffee + tea for event guests $30, or + $15
  • Flatware, napkins, plastic cutlery $20

For larger groups or private gatherings, you can rent the entire facility for up to 140 people, 3-hours – $500.  Includes 4 staff (2 climbing, 2 café) and climbing for all guests (Subject to rental gear availability – may have to share).  Additional costs as above, except $100/hour for extensions. Typically scheduled on Sundays.

Call us at 812-244-1776 or stop by to reserve your event time slot!!



Can I use this for group meetings?  Yes!  We have HDMI cabling to dual TVs for laptops or Blu-ray players.  (Don’t forget your remote slide advancer if doing a presentation).

Can I open a tab and pay for everyone’s additional food items?  Yes!  If someone wants one of our amazing smoothies, sandwiches, or coffee-based hot or cold drinks, they can either pay for their own or you can run a tab to pay at the end.

What foods are available at Climbing Café?  We have premium Boar’s Head meats and cheeses for our sandwiches, served panini-grilled or cold.  We have fruit smoothies, specialty teas, and locally roasted Rex coffees.  We also serve Coca-Cola products.

What is a sandwich platter?  We make 20 sandwiches and cut them into bite-sized finger foods.  The platter includes 10 meat-based sandwiches and 10 with other fillings (Peanut butter, jelly, Nutella, marshmallow, veggie, etc.)

Can I bring in different food?  Yes!  While we think our sandwiches are some of the best in Terre Haute, we are happy to let you bring your own food or have food catered.  Our countertop area has plenty of space and a few plugs for crock pots.  You can also bring in small Sterno burners to keep food warm.

What does “$30, or + $15” mean?  If you just want the fountain drinks or coffee/tea, then it’s $30.  If you want fountain drinks and coffee/tea, then the second is added on for $15.

Can I charge electronic devices?  Yes!  Many of our plugs have USB connectors (Bring your own cables), plus we have a charging station on the countertop that has a few cable options.

What are the tables and chairs like?  We use heavy-duty 8-foot plastic and metal folding tables and chairs from Sam’s Club.

Can I rearrange the room furniture?  Certainly!  We bought the folding furniture just for this reason!  You can add or subtract tables and chairs, and set them however you want to facilitate parties, meeting, or classes.

Can the room be decorated?  Yes, if it’s not a permanent change to the room.  The 3M hooks work great, just please be careful pulling them off the drywall.  If the room is available before your event, you can come in a little early to get it set up, and your dedicated staff person is there to help if you need it.

Is there a refrigerator or freezer available to store ice cream and cake?  Yes!  We don’t allow outside food into the commercial refrigeration units, but we’re happy to keep space in our employee refrigerator/freezer unit.  Your dedicated staff member will help with that.

Do you have serving utensils available for cake and ice cream?  We have a few, but if you’re looking for something specific, we recommend you bring your own.

Does Climbing Café provide cakes and/or ice cream?  No, but we’ve teamed up with South Side Scoops (The locally owned ice cream store by the mall) to provide an easy way to select your dessert items when you sign up for your party.  We have a simple order form to circle the items and flavors you want, or you can call them directly to work out specifics.

Can I tip our dedicated staff person if they do a great job?  It’s not required, but if they do a great job it’s certainly very appreciated.